about michele

My journey into photography began when I was young, growing up on Vancouver Island where the natural beauty and diverse landscape led me to dream of becoming a National Geographic photographer. My love of people and their stories has always been my main source of inspiration, and no matter where we are, I am compelled to capture the moments that surround me.

When I was 21, I spent a year at film school in Vancouver, and although that wasn't the right fit for me, it taught me a lot about storytelling, and led me back to my camera. After school, I packed my bags and spent 5 years living and travelling throughout Southeast Asia. I taught English to children in Taiwan, China, Japan and Thailand, learning about the locals - our differences in culture and all of our similarities. Those tools have given me the gift of being able to connect with most anyone, and to this day is still my favourite aspect of photographing people.

15 years ago I had my 1st of 3 daughters, and since then the camera has never been out of reach - and although the girls aren't as eager to model now, that has helped me gain a few more tricks up my sleeve that come in handy with client sessions. Whether it be awkward grooms, difficult Dads, or Mums who just don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, all the different types of people I've worked with has only allowed me to be more confident in capturing genuine emotion in your photos. Once people let you in, you get to photograph WHO they are, not just what they look like.

I'm not going to talk about how sweet and sophisticated I am, or how "businessey" I am ( is that even a word)?! - because truth be told, that's not me. I love to connect with couples and their friends and family on their wedding day - as THOUGH I am part of your family.... that means there is a heavy focus on fun, laughter and lightheartedness. One of the most fun parts of your day will be doing your photos, I promise. If it's a family session - I love to connect with your kiddos, see who they are - and go with that. If bringing out their true personalities means I have to make a fool of myself....bring it, I'm game!

Being able to capture the joy and curiosity, the quiet and the chaos....whatever it may be - THAT'S the goal. To be able to have these images of your favourite people in the entire world - to have these plastering your walls, is a pretty fantastic thing.

It would be an honour to tell your story.